Russ Seeger is a modern rocker, and a survivor. It is hard to be both. The man has paid his dues and then some,  making hard choices to keep himself in the business while raising a family, a juggling act that requires focus, dedication, and an iron jaw. To be a rocker in the 21 century requires acquiring an extensive knowledge of the history and traditions that make up rock & roll, to be well versed in the blues, country, gospel and folk music. This knowledge and facility separate the men from the boys, so to speak, and Seeger, a multi-instrumentalist who has played with some of the very best is certainly a man among men. Even his most ferocious rock tunes have a warmth and hill country folksiness , and his most twangy tunes have a raw edge of Mississippi juke joints. He also has command of “The Hook”, the turn of phrase, lyrically and musically that grabs the listener’s attention. In Russ Seeger’s world the melodic pop and social commentary of Ray Davies coexists perfectly with the roots drenched deep Americana of the Band.

Russ is truly a living legend on the Long Island music scene. For a remarkable four-plus decades, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Seeger has performed at virtually every venue in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, playing acoustic and electric guitars, fiddle and more, singing his songs and uniquely interpreting the tunes of those who’ve influenced him along the way. He’s made music with such greats as Peter Rowan, Vassar Clements, Paul Siebel, Peter Stampfel, Rick Danko, John Hartford and—the one he’s most proud of—the late, great Levon Helm, who anchored a band with Seeger called the Last Hombres, who released an album, Redemption, in 2003.

the songs are deeply literate and driving roots rock that express aspects of the American experience from a multitude of angles...Americana with muscle” - SKH Music

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